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MORONI FOR PRESIDENT (2018) 82/52 minutes

Director, producer, editor (together with Jasper Rischen)


Played at Los Angeles Film Festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, The Smithsonian's Native Cinema Showcase, and Frameline Film Festival - among others.


US Nationwide broadcast on PBS World America ReFramed, November 2018. 

Moroni Benally is running for the presidency of the Navajo Nation, the largest Native American nation in the U.S. Young, gay, Mormon, and highly educated, he sets out to confront the political establishment in a homecoming that challenges what he imagined home, and himself, to be.

READING NORTH (2018) 25 minutes

Director, producer

Worldwide broadcast on Al Jazeera English Witness Documentary strand, April 2018.

Despite travelogues brimming with northern lights and reindeer rides, daily life in Lapland in the Finnish and Nordic Arctic can be lonely. Serving parts of Finland, Sweden, and Norway, Oula drives hundreds of kilometers each week. He and his colleagues are often more than librarians; they're listeners, friends and a human contact. Now, after nearly four decades on the road, he's about to retire. Finding someone to take over has been difficult and the future of the library bus hangs in the balance. We follow Oula as he goes on his last ride as the beloved driver of the bus and, along the way, we meet those for whom the library bus is a lifeline.

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